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I represent both men and women in all areas of family law. Family law is a very emotional and distressful time in one’s life. Thus, I take great pride in getting to know my clients on a personal level born out of respect and compassion. I understand your motivations and attempt to make the process as easy as possible whether it be the resolution between amicable parties through the ADR process or a highly contested case that requires aggressive action. I can assist my clients with issues of divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, child support, alimony, DCF cases, modification and contempt cases.


I can assist in negotiating the terms of the divorce with a spouse where the parties are generally in agreement in regards to the issues involved whether it be separation of property, assets and/or custody.


More often than not divorces are emotional and difficult for the parties to go through resulting in high conflict regarding issues of property, assets and/or custody. I work hard to protect my client’s interests in the resolution of these matters while taking the time to understand your concerns and assist you through the process with care and understanding.


The new alimony rules are still being worked out in the court system and can only be granted under certain circumstances. Allow me to help you navigate through the new rules and procedures whether it be for the first time or in regard to a modification of existing alimony due to change in circumstances.


This is generally the most difficult process for parents due to the concern over your child’s health, happiness, safety and security. It generally results in high conflict issues and without representation you can risk your relationship and parenting time with your child or children. Not to mention the financial support you need to properly care for your child or children. I can assist you with navigating through the process for the first time or with modifying existing orders, which are no longer in the best interest of your child due to change in circumstances.


When the state is concerned with the safety and welfare of your child and whether there should be an interruption of you parental rights you need representation. Don’t risk your relationship with your child because you are not aware of your rights and the rights of your child. A child should only be removed from a parent under the gravest situations.

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Attorney Cascanett’s knowledge and professionalism helped ease my concerns as I worked through the legal process.

Christine P Worcester, MA December 11, 2014

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