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I represent individuals and businesses in all areas of litigation. I have had exceptional results in over forty trials at the state and federal levels. I have brought cases on behalf of clients to enforce their rights and to correct the wrongs they have suffered and defended them from both frivolous and serious claims against them. As I have both brought and defended litigation I have a unique perspective to the issues of litigation and have considerable experience in various areas of litigation such as contracts, employment, discrimination, construction, toxic torts, product liability, premise liability, personal injury, insurance, consumer protection, and regulation.


I have filed and defended claims involving personal injury in auto accidents, slips and falls, or other injuries under premise liability and accidents at the workplace. I have assisted individuals in obtaining justice for discrimination they have suffered. I have assisted consumers that have been injured by a purchased product, deceived through false advertising, or wronged by a breach of contract and needed compensation for those wrongs. I have also worked to ensure my clients have proper insurance coverage so they are protected from foreseeable liabilities.


I have represented insurance companies and their insurers in the areas of coverage issues, and both first and third party claims. I have also represented individuals against their insurance companies when they are improperly denied coverage or when insurance companies reserve their rights to deny coverage in the future.


Massachusetts has its own agency to govern over claims of discrimination. The law does not even give individuals a full year to file a discrimination claim. Therefore, there is no time to lose in pursuing your rights. Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the country and goes through great lengths to protect its citizens from discrimination. It is important to know your rights as an individual to protect yourself from the consequences of discrimination. It is equally important to protect your rights as a business in defending against improper claims of discrimination.

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Attorney Cascanett’s knowledge and professionalism helped ease my concerns as I worked through the legal process.

Christine P Worcester, MA December 11, 2014

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