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I represent students and their families in all aspects of educational issues. I help special needs students receive the assistance they need and deserve when schools do not or cannot provide the appropriate assistance. I can assist in the creation of IEPs for your child that provide the proper educational, emotional, and social support for the development of your child and ensure the school is in compliance. I work with families to protect their children from discrimination and bullying. In recent years, bullying has developed a whole new level of pervasiveness in your child’s life due to constant interaction with social media. I often see students and families when they have disciplinary issues including suspensions and expulsions. Let me help your student be the successful person he or she can be by demanding your child receives the assistance, protection, and security that will allow them to be happy and successful members of the community. I can also help protect your child’s future when things go wrong.

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Attorney Cascanett’s knowledge and professionalism helped ease my concerns as I worked through the legal process.

Christine P Worcester, MA December 11, 2014

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