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Are you sure you’re protecting your business by implementing proper employment practices?  I can assist you in regards to your hiring practices, termination of employees for cause, and the structure of your severance packages. I can review and assist in the creation of your employee handbook and discuss the realities of enforcing the guidelines and policies included in the employee handbook.  I can provide council about overtime or wage and hour issues that can quickly become very costly for employers as statutes provide employees with treble damages and attorney’s fees. If you are operating your business with independent contractors you should determine as to whether the commonwealth would categorize these individuals as independent contractors under the current state of law.

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Attorney Cascanett’s knowledge and professionalism helped ease my concerns as I worked through the legal process.

Christine P Worcester, MA December 11, 2014

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Is Your Employment Agreement With Your Nanny Illegal?

Aug 27, 2015 AT 3:41PM

A new law in Massachusetts may make your employment arrangement with your nanny illegal. Find out how....

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